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        Technical Parameters
        Frame grade rated current 125A
        Number of poles 1P,2P,3P,4P
        Rated current 63A、80A、 100A、 125A
        Rated voltage AC 230V (1P) ,AC 400V (2P、 3P、4P)
        Rated operating frequency 50Hz
        Rated impulse withstand voltage 4kV
        Rated short-circuit breaking capacity 10000
        Running short circuit breaking capacity 7500
        Instantaneous trip type C、D
        Mechanical life 20000
        Electrical life 6000 (In≤100A) , 4000 (In> 100A)
        The miniature circuit breaker is used for overload and short circuit protection of building power distribution and similar power line facilities and electrical equipment in AC 50Hz, rated voltage to400V, rated current to 125A.

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