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        Rotating Biological Contactors


        There are various types of aerobic methods for the treatment of wastewater. A common characteristic of these aerobic systems is the use of a medium that allows the growing microorganisms contact with atmosphere. I present details about one such aerobic treatment method known as rotating biological contactors.


        Rotating biological contactors are constructed with a number of corrugated plastic discs arranged one beside another along the length of a long horizontally placed shaft that can be rotated. Only forty percentage of the surface of these rotating discs remains submerged in the wastewater and the rest remains in contact with air at any given time. The surface of these corrugated plastic discs becomes ideal for the growth of microorganisms. These organisms form a slimy layer as they slowly cover the discs. As the discs rotate, which alternatively exposes and immerses the portions of the discs, they complete several cycles of aeration and immersion. Biological Contactors  allows the microorganisms to proliferate on the discs and it also allows the oxidation of inorganic and organic materials found in the wastewater.
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