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        Nanjing Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Base

        As a subsidiary of Huanyu Group, Huanyu Group (Nanjing) Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer for HV and LV complete sets of electrical equipment, power transformers, electrical automation equipment, as well as a construction general contracting level 3 company for power projects. Company mainly produces HV and LV complete sets of electrical equipment of 35 kv and below, oil-immersed and dry-type power transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, DMP series electric power automation, DCS industrial production automation control systems, and various kinds of intelligent, digital type high-low voltage electrical components, instruments and meters. Huanyu Group (Nanjing) Co., LTD is committed to developing smart grid products and providing excellent services, and awarded “Quality without Complaints Enterprise”, “National Advanced Unit on Quality Control”, “Quality and Safety Management Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Technology-Progressive Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Lager Taxpayer”, “Zhejiang Enterprise Technical center”, “Zhejiang Lager Taxpayer”, “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise”, etc.

        Research and development base of new energy in Shanghai

        The base in Shanghai is a research and development base mainly for the charging equipment of energy-efficient power car. At present, perimeter and grounds has entered into the construction stage. The total area of structure is 23000 square meter and the total investment reaches 70 million yuan. After completion, it will be used as the research and development base of Huanyu’s new energy products.

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