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        Ladies and gentlemen,
        First of all, please allow me to express my appreciation to the Internet that eliminates the gap of space and time between us, which gives me the chance to have this sincere face-to-face communication with you. The 21st century is a brand new era. Along with the approaching of economic globalization, people need more communication, harmony and cooperation than ever before.

        In the past years, Huanyu Group has developed at the rate of 40% every year. If it is a miracle, I think the reason why the miracle happened is that we always adhere to the principle of doing business: believing in science, keeping commitment. So we gain customer’s trust and support.

        We use the most advanced scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad of low-voltage apparatus, produce high quality products, try to satisfy personalized needs of different customers and offer excellent after-sales services, which wins our customers’ trust and support. During the process of business, we always treat our suppliers as our partners, carefully perform our contractual obligations, pay for goods timely and try our best to provide convenience and solve problems, so that the companies can still do production and business operation activities smoothly even in the difficult period of raging SARS. We adhere to the tenet of customers’ satisfaction and employees’ satisfaction to provide stage for showing their talents and development, continuously improving employees' living and learning conditions, so as to melt all different cultures in this country together and accumulate a large group of scientific and technological talents to jointly create Huanyu with us. We conscientiously maintain the order of market economy, earnestly fulfill our commitment to the society, pay full specified amount of taxes in time, and timely cash principal and interest of the bank loan, etc, so as to win cares and supports from the government, Industrial and Commerce, tax administration, banks and other related departments and clients. therefore, the miracle of Huanyu is made by all its supporters, and all of you make Huanyu successful.

        Huanyu Group position itself a tech-oriented enterprise, and are dedicated to being the century-old shop in low voltage electrical apparatus industry. However, “technology” is the combined efforts of human beings. And being a “century-old shop” requires the unremitting efforts of several generations. Therefore, we cherish the profound friendship with old friends, hoping it everlasting, and welcome the arrival of new friends!

        Huanyu Group will try its best to return the care and support to the society.

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