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        Wenzhou Low Voltage Electric Appliance Base

        Huanyu Group Co., LTD Wenzhou base is a professional manufacturer for electrical appliances, with leading products of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment of 35kV and below, power transformers, electrical automation equipments, instruments and meters, high and low voltage electrical components (including AC contactors, circuit breakers, relays, and control switches). The trade mark of "HUYU" is accredited as China Famous Trade Mark. Moulded case circuit breaker is awarded China Top Brand Products. AC Contactor and circuit breaker are both named as Zhejiang Top Brand Products.

        Huanyu Group Co., LTD Wenzhou base owns a national post-doctoral research center, and is one of the recommended companies in “’two nets rebuilt” selected by State Economic and Trade Commission. The company is awarded “Quality without Complaints Enterprise”, “National Advanced Unit on Quality Control”, “National High-Tech Enterprises”, “Zhejiang Lager Taxpayer”, “Zhejiang Technical Center”, “Zhejiang Technology-Progressive Enterprise”, “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise”. President Mr. Wang Xunxing is awarded the “National Outstanding Enterprise President and Bulider” by province and ministry. General manager Mr. Wang TuoYu is chosen as “Wenzhou Outstanding Manager” and “Wenzhou Meritorious Entrepreneur” for six years in succession, and selected as one of "the Ten Scientific and Technological News makers in China " in 2003. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 serial certificates. There are 22 kinds of low voltage electric products in total. 75 series have passed CQC certifications and acquired 360 CCC certificates, insured by PICC. The company owns 12 national patents, 4 provincial-level high-tech products, 4 provincial-level high-tech products, 3 Wenzhou famous-brand products, and takes 1 national torch project. The new products developed in recent years , including HUH1 series load switch, HUW1 series air circuit breaker, HUM18 series miniature circuit breaker, HUM8 series moulded case circuit breaker, HUM18L series earth leakage circuit breaker, HUC1 series AC contactor, HUM18-100 series miniature isolated switch, have reached the domestic leading level.

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